Brand Story

  Founded in 2020 by Koy, ‘Kôey Nigella’ was inspired by an Asian lady who suffered harsh skin problems during her days in Germany. After 15 years far away from the motherland, Koy had encountered severe dry skin problems with rashes around the nose. Even worse, her skin suffered extreme allergies that brought several skin problems afterwards, including wrinkle and dark spot. Distressed and worried about her skin conditions, Koy lost her confidence. Although she had tried almost all prominent skincare products available in the market and met some experienced dermatologists, hoping to solve these stubborn skin problems, her skin problems continued to persist. 

  One day, Koy noticed the youthful skin of her 60-year old colleague whose radiant skin looked like those in their 30s. Having learned that Koy suffered severe skin problems, she whispered to Koy the secret behind her beauty that has been in use for over 30 years. Her colleague unveiled the secret was passed on from her sister, who is a dermatologist in Germany. The precious secret behind a naturally youthful looking and ideal complexion given to Koy is “to use botanical extracts as skin nourishment.”

  Ever since, Koy has turned to botanical extracts when it comes to skin remedy. Not only what her colleagues suggested, but Koy has also seriously immersed into researching further. Her complexion wonderfully improved. With this achievement, she vowed to formulate a skin serum that focuses on reviving youthful appearance for every woman. This is how an extraordinary skin serum was born. Kôey Nigella is truly the best effort made to derive finest botanical extracts for women’s skin.  

  Made in Germany, Kôey Nigella is a skin serum made from 100% botanical extracts with a perfect blend of superb quality essential oils of European standards, plus the world’s best botanical ingredients. Enhancing a youthful appearance for the skin, these two powerful elements protect and nourish the skin with a gentle formula created to ensure confidence and happiness for all women without harmful substances. Kôey Nigella comes in a dark purple glass bottle that makes the serum last longer and prevent it from UV rays.   

  With utmost attention to detail, Koy chose Nigella Sativa extract as the main ingredient of Kôey Nigella serum, which perfectly fuses with globally sourced herbal extracts and another 8 essential oils. Made under quality-centric manufacturing process that meets the highest standards, Koy expects to share the secret of youthful skin to all women, despite aging years.

  Cleopatra and Nefertiti, the two most noble queens in the history of Egypt, had a similar secret to beauty, which correlates to a research about Nigella Sativa or the black seed oil. Nigella Sativa is well renowned as one of the most precious in the history of global herbs, which has continued to be proven with its attributes through researches nowadays. 

This new skin nourishing innovation has become a big hit and gained a huge popularity.
“Despite time flies, the beauty never declines.”

  Not only our innovative formula created to reduce problems related to deteriorated skin by enhancing youthful appearance, but Kôey Nigella also highlights advanced manufacturing process and packaging materials that feature the uniqueness of Kôey Nigella brand, which reflect our value in “Saving the plant. Saving the environment and the worthiness of all women.” 

  Koy is ready to hand the confidence to all women through the Kôey Nigella skin serum for everyone to regain her beauty, enhance her confidence and strengthen feminine value. So, let’s start reviving the skin together.

  Kôey Nigella : Saving the plant. Saving the environment and the worthiness of all women.

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